Monday, April 16, 2007


Irony. An inconsistency between what you think should happen and what actually happens. For example, a well-educated guy who in the real world seemingly never shuts up finding himself at a loss for anything to put on paper....or a blog. Sad really. Because with each passing day the block gets thicker and thicker and i find myself in danger of becoming "that-guy-who-only-has-a-blog-to-justify-playing-in-blogger-only-tournaments-but-never-really-posts-anything-on-it." A horrible state to be in, let me tell ya, not only because of the tremendously cumbersome title, but also because, quite simply:


But I think I've come up with a solution. As I've struggled to get this blog off the ground I've become more and more impressed with the die-hards who can crank out thoughtful, interesting posts on a daily basis. And while I recognize that daily posting is probably not within my capabilities, being interesting and thoughtful oughta be. But like I said, I need a little kick-start. So beginning this week, I will be soliciting suggestions for blog-topics from the community. Just throw out an idea in the comments section of this blog, and if I turn it into a post--I'll buy you into a blogger-tourney of your choosing (Mondays at the Hoy, The Mookie, Riverchasers....heck I'll even swing over to Pokerstars and buy you into the Wil if you like). I do also reserve the right to respond to criticism by others--and that in and of itself doesn't warrant a buy-in, no matter how pathetic your cries for help may be. So good luck, and thanks in advance.

Moving right along to the Big Game last night, I abandoned my check-fold strategy in favor of some actual poker playing. Unfortunately the results were eerily similar--i.e. deep run, points, no cash. But I did have fun with this hand:

At the time I thought I had played the hand pretty well; imagine my surprise today when I learned that I had mistaken boredom for another shining example of Waffles' D-caliber play. OOOOPS! My bad. You see, as of late, Sir Waffles has decided to take pot-shots at my play. Im not sure why, exactly, but I can't help but relish the irony. Because make no mistake about it--pointing in each of the BBT tournies without cashing is a dubious accomplishment--but then again so is luckboxing your way to one blogger tourney win in 8 months. My record speaks for itself, and no amount of verbal diarrhea can change yours.

So Waffles, if you're out there, let me leave you this thought to ponder. A 13 week tournament series is kind of like a golf tournament. Winning requires several rounds of consistent play with a few big shots thrown in at the right time. To win the big prize you have to be within striking distance when it gets to crunch time -- 7th place through 6 events does just that. I know this, Tiger Woods knows this, and YOU should know this: you don't want either one of us to even be able to sniff the lead come Sunday.

See y'all at the tables.


SirFWALGMan said...

Good for you Jecii! About time you grew a stack and stood up for yourself instead of bending over for everyone.

I concede you and your 7 almost could have done something maybe finishes make you the best of the worse. I bow to your mad skillz.

I look forward to playing you. I never said you were not a solid player.. I do think in most MTTs you have to be more aggressive and make some big moves at some point to win. My comments are more reflective of that.

Also your score keeping is incorrect as I have won more than 1 blogger MTT in the past eight months. Several in fact. However please do not let the facts get in the way of your amusing post. I enjoyed it a lot.

Drizztdj said...

I think I can be blamed for being kryptonite during the big game.

Schaubs said...

I say you have a slap contest at the WPBT get together in June. Just stand there and slap each other until one person gives up. Ok actually forget that. Why don't you two cut it out and solve this the only way we know how... HEADS UP. Maybe you'll run into each other tonight at the Dookie.

As far as topics go Dr. Why don't you post something about how you've done it so far. How have you finished in the top half every single time. It's obviously not that easy, otherwise we'd see some of the other accomplished bloggers in that same category. Is it really just by being tighty tighterson. Or are you making some bluffs to keep afloat? Details please... but be careful, Waffles might make notes and use them against you... assif that works.

bayne_s said...

My suggestion for a blog post is for you to watch Waffles table and live blog critique his play.

Last post of Live Blog will either be.

"Xxx took advantage of Waffles implied tilt odds with xxx against xxx" or "Waffles ran off to a big lead before flinging his chips away like a monkey flings poop"

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

How about a blog that denotes your wishes, dreams and lists:

Bloggers that annoy you (Waffles), Bloggers you respect (Not Waffles), hands you love and hate and a history of your poker playing. Where you like to play , your dream table (Waffles to your right) and finally your favorite breakfast (Waffles and Syrup maybe?)

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Is there an ETA on a new post???

I'd like to see you make the money in the BBT without actually winning any money. That would show REAL Skill!

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