Thursday, October 25, 2007



The World Series (of baseball) started last night and that was the only way I could think of to describe my excitement level. After following a team through 162 regular season games (thank you directv baseball package) and 2 playoff series, not even Tim McCarver's innane ramblings can kill the excitement of starting lineups and the Star-Spangled Banner. Top that with your ace pitcher striking out the side to open the game AND watching your ROY candidate 2nd baseman hit a homer in his first world series now I'm not even sure geeked covers it.

As was the case Sunday, a big Red Sox game coincided with some BBTwo poker--unfortunately the results were not quite the same. For starters, the Sox had essentially blown the game open by the time the Mookie launched--so I don't really have the distracted excuse for my sub-par performance. Suffice it to say, I played too tight, got short and ran my small pair into Blinders' pocket queens ending my night. Looks like that elusive first Mookie title will have to wait another week. The night wasn't a total loss tho as I eeked out a victory in "Name that Donkey" and managed a 2nd place Dookie finish. Thanks again to Buddy and Sean for their endlessly amusing broadcasts and congrats to Riggstad and Iggy on their victories.

Game 2 and Riverchasers tonight...cya then!

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